Indoor Logistics: The First Mile

The First Mile has the capability to drastically improve overall productivity in the supply chain.


"The last mile, although paramount to the customer, is only half of the equation. Lessons learned can be identified and applied to transportation that occur inside a facility, otherwise known as the First Mile. "

Simon drexler director of industrial solutions

Simon Drexler

Director of Industrial Solutions

OTTO Motors

The First Mile in Manufacturing: Applying Last Mile Principles to Indoor Logistics



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What is the Last Mile?

How is the First Mile different, and how can improving processes within indoor logistics improve productivity for the overall operation?

What are the parallels between the Last Mile and the First Mile, and how can you improve First Mile prcesses today?

About Self-Driving Technology

Traditional industrial "automation" tools such as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and forklifts have large inefficiencies. 

Companies employing these outdated automation strategies are increasingly being left behind.

Industry 4.0 introduces self-driving vehicle advancements that allow parallel process automation, kit delivery and more.

Learn more about OTTO, the self-driving vehicle designed to increase throughput in warehouses and industrial centres.

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