How to Prepare for Industry 4.0

A 10-step guide to asking the right questions 
about the next industrial revolution.

"Industry 4.0 is complex. It is comprised of multiple pieces, used across a variety of applications, and requires strategic planning and change management. Its potential is unparalleled to capabilities available today."

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About Self-Driving Technology

Traditional industrial "automation" tools such as Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and forklifts have large inefficiencies. 

Companies employing these outdated automation strategies are increasingly being left behind.

Industry 4.0 introduces self-driving vehicle advancements that allow parallel process automation, kit delivery and more.

Learn more about OTTO, the self-driving vehicle designed to increase throughput in warehouses and industrial centres.

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Technologies have developed today in manufacturing that were difficult to imagine as little as five years ago. These developments are what have led to the evolution of Industry 4.0. In preparation for the Industry 4.0 revolution, consider this 10-step guideline to ensure  you're asking the right questions and evaluating the right technologies.

Read this guide to learn key factors to review when developing a plan for Industry 4.0 and how to optimize that strategy.

What you'll learn

Evaluation of Manufacturing Operations


Building Your Team


Process Identification


Safety Policies


Next-Generation Tools in Manufacturing