What is OTTO?

OTTO is a self-driving vehicle designed to increase throughput and reduce operational costs in factories, warehouses and distribution centers. 

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Beyond the Pilot: 5 Principles for Growing Your AMR Footprint


When introducing new technology such as AMRs into your facility, a pilot deployment is a common first step to help you prove value and generate internal excitement for the automation initiative.

Once you decide to scale, a unique set of considerations need to be made. The factors you’ll need to consider in a one-robot deployment are not the same as a 10-robot deployment. So, what should you be considering as you progress from proof-of-concept into operational scale-out? In this webinar, Graham Davis, OTTO’s Product Enablement Manager, will share:

  • 5 guiding principles as you expand your facility's AMR footprint 
  • Lessons learned from scaling customer deployments
  • Deployment design recommendations

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