What is OTTO?

OTTO is a self-driving vehicle designed to increase throughput and reduce operational costs in factories, warehouses and distribution centers. 

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VP Product, OTTO Motors

Senior Marketing Manager, OTTO Motors


How to maximize throughput AND safety in your AMR deployment


As industries increasingly integrate AMRs into their operations, they are eager to maximize AMR productivity while maintaining uncompromised safety. Eliminating the tradeoff between speed and safety is the key to unlocking the full potential of AMRs in dynamic manufacturing and warehouse environments.

Senior Product Manager, Adrian Ennis, will share how OTTO designs for safety within our fleet of flatbed and forked AMRs without compromising on productivity, delivering high-performance safety.

Join us on April 3rd at 1:00 PM EST to learn:

  • What high-performance safety is and why it matters
  • The AMR safety features you should look for 
  • The role of software in delivering performance with safety

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