Meet OTTO: The Autonomous Mobile Robot for Your Manufacturing Facility


How material handling can positively impact the critical KPIs in your plant

How cutting-edge autonomous mobile robot technology adds new material handling efficiencies for modern manufacturers

Why Fortune 500 companies are choosing OTTO as their automated material handling platform of choice

What is OTTO?

OTTO is an autonomous mobile robot designed to increase throughput and reduce operational costs in factories, warehouses and distribution centers. 

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Every year you are asked to make improvements on KPIs to continuously improve your operation. Until now, the changes available through continuous improvement (CI) efforts have sustained your business. Today, CI is not enough to combat the downward trend of North America's contribution to the global manufacturing industry. 

We're all facing the same challenges of reduced access to labour, rising costs, and increased foreign competition that threatens our competitiveness. In this time of immense unpredictability the question is - what do we do now?

The Dilemma

What You'll Learn

The Autonomous Mobile Robot for Your Manufacturing Facility

Watch our webinar recording to learn what autonomous mobile robot technology is, and how it transforms the workplace, workforce, and future of work.