What is OTTO?

OTTO is a self-driving vehicle designed to increase throughput and reduce operational costs in factories, warehouses and distribution centers. 

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VP Product, OTTO Motors

Senior Marketing Manager, OTTO Motors

VP Product, OTTO Motors

Senior Marketing Manager, OTTO Motors

VP Product, OTTO Motors

Senior Marketing Manager, OTTO Motors

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ProMat 2023

Automate your material handling with the most comprehensive fleet of AMRs on the market. Visit booth #N7537 to see OTTO at work. 

Exhibiting PartnersOTTO AMRs

Visit booth #N7537 to experience OTTO Motors fleet of AMRs in action.

Robots include:

  • OTTO 100 with red staging carts
  • OTTO 1500 with lift attachment
  • OTTO Lifter

In addition to the hardware, you'll have the opportunity to get hands-on with our powerful software suite through interactive demos throughout our booth.

Fireside Chat with AMR Users: Lessons Learned in Business Critical Installations

Seeing is Believing: Simulating AMRs for Successful Deployments

You wouldn’t ask an architect to build anything without designing it in AutoCAD first, so why are you installing AMRs without simulating the deployment first in software? 

OTTO Motors’ VP of Product, Jay Judkowitz will discuss how simulation was used to save cost, validate feasibility, mitigate risk, and evaluate ROI — all before the robots are on site at a facility.

Jay Judkowitz
VP, Product, OTTO Motors

Tuesday, March 29 | 3:45 - 4:30 PM | Theater B

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Wednesday, March 30 | 12:00 - 12:45 PM | Theater F

Join OTTO Motors for a deep dive into their customer deployments. Matt Rendall will be joined by leaders from The Hershey Company, Berry Global, and Honeywell who will discuss the following topics:

  • Primary business reasons for selecting AMRs
  • How their automation strategies have changed in the past two years
  • Business metrics used to measure the results of their AMR deployment

Matthew Rendall
CEO & Co-founder, OTTO Motors

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Meet with a Material Handling Automation Expert

Interested in automating your material handling processes? Schedule a time with an automation expert from OTTO Motors at ProMat 2023 to discuss your application. 

OTTO 1500

OTTO 1500 is a workhorse AMR designed to move heavy payloads through demanding environments faster than any other AMR on the market, with zero compromise to safety.

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OTTO 100

The OTTO 100 is an industrial-strength AMR that safely moves boxes, bins, carts and other light payloads to increase material handling throughput in factories and warehouses.

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OTTO Lifter

OTTO Lifter handles pallet transport workflows for as low as $9 per hour while improving the safety of your operations.

Featured in OTTO Motors' booth

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Featuring: The Hershey Company, Berry Global and Honeywell

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Introducing a New Team Member

OTTO Motors is excited to unveil our latest project at ProMat 2023.

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Exhibiting Partners

OTTO Lifter integration with Smart Flex Depalletizer

Booth #S618a

           OTTO 100 with            pick to light cart

Booth #S4307

OTTO 100 with red staging cart

Booth #N7148

OTTO 1500 with powered conveyer

Booth #N7111

McCormick Place | Chicago, IL | March 20-23

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