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“We chose OTTO after interviewing 7-8 other companies. We chose OTTO because it fit our Faurecia Excellence Solution. We are trying to be the leanest environment as possible and OTTOs are less disruptive to the work cell, easily interchangeable with the operators, seamless to our operations, and have reduced our overall footprint.”

Chris Newby, Engineering Director, Faurecia

“OTTO is important to us because they’re very reliable. They never call in sick and they do the job day in, day out. They allow us the flexibility to make our production facility function in the way that we need it to in order to achieve our future state; how we want our facility to look and how we want it to be optimized for material information flow.”

— Stephen Hines, Manufacturing Engineer, Danfoss Power Solutions

Work experience

• 17 OTTO 100 AMRs 

• 2 OTTO 1500 AMRs 

Job: Finished goods take-away/empty replenishment & finished pallets from palletizers to stretch wrappers

Impact: Estimated $1.8M in benefits each year through savings in labor, avoidance of purchasing new equipment or expanding facility, and by maintaining machine uptime

• 90+ OTTO 100 AMRs 

Job: Raw material transport, WIP transport, finished goods transport

Impact: 2M deliveries annually, 24/7 operations. In this business case scenario, OTTO is 20% the cost of a forklift equivalent and 66% of an AGV equivalent. Spanning over 1.7M square feet, this Fortune 500 company is 100% reliant on OTTO technology for their material handling needs

Autonomous Material Handler
Berry Global, Bowling Green, Kentucky

Autonomous Material Handler
F500 Global Manufacturer in F&B

• 14 OTTO 100 AMRs 

Job: Shipping to warehouse delivery

Impact: 15% reduction in work cell sizes, 0 safety incidents, 11 month ROI and higher response times leading to an improved efficiency of operations

Autonomous Material Handler
Faurecia Interior Systems, Fraser, Michigan




Latest projects

Use Cases

Workcell delivery

Picking to pack-out

Work in progress


Lineside delivery

Palletizer to strech wrapper

Finished goods transfer

Inbound to storage

Floor to floor

By turning manual material handling into robotic delivery routes, OTTO maximizes productivity and allows workers to focus on higher-value tasks.

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OTTO is an autonomous material handler built for automating common material handling tasks to help manufacturers tackle labor shortages. See how quickly you can put OTTO to work in your facility.

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hours of driving in production sites

deliveries completed monthly

years of industry-leading robotics expertise 


• Robust and built with industrial grade parts

• Able to work for 8 hours consecutively, with 1 hour break time

• Independently and autonomously handles challenging material transport tasks

• Collaborative with humans and other automation equipment

*Model dependent

Use Cases

• Workcell delivery 

Picking to pack-out

• Work in progress transportation

• Lineside delivery

• Palletizer to strech wrapper

• Finished goods transfer

• Inbound to storage

• Floor to floor

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• WIP transport

Automate your most common material delivery routes

Small and agile; perfect for human-scale loads up to 150 kg (330 lb)

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Automate pushcart delivery routes

Automate tugger or pump truck delivery routes

Automate heavy equipment delivery routes

Automate pallet transport workflows

Nimble yet strong enough to move loads up to 1,150 kg (2,340 lb)

Durable for demanding applications and designed to move loads up to 1,900 kg (4,200 lb)

Intelligent and predictable pallet transport of loads up to 1,200 kg (2,650 lb)

OTTO 100

OTTO 750

OTTO 1500

OTTO Lifter

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